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Smart Home Solution

Vera & Alexa for Home Automation

Based in the world's most sustainable urban community, Masdar City - Abu Dhabi, Homekit Limited offers cost-effective Z-Wave, ZigBee, LoRa and Wi-Fi wireless, smart home solutions and products. We deal with the best hubs and apps for monitoring and control of the entire house and office. It includes lighting and smart bulb, on/off switch, door lock, nest thermostat, smart TV, dimmer switch, camera and security system, Philips hue, smart plug, smart thermostats and more. Our automation controllers can support easy integration with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and works with other cloud-based automated platforms.

Homekit Limited is an automation company, the member of the Z-Wave Alliance, and the Authorized Dealer of Vera Control, Qubino and HomeSeer in the UAE.


Smart Hospitality Solution

Vera & Alexa for Hotel and Hospital


Alarm Monitoring System

Among the best integrator companies in the UAE, Homekit Limited provides the latest smart automation solution in Abu Dhabi and UAE. The secure automation solutions that support full wireless cloud-base integration with Google Home, Siri, Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices that allows users take control of electrical devices in Hotel Guest Rooms and Hospital Patient Rooms using voice activation of Curtains, Blinds, Lights, Door Locks, Thermostats, Air Conditioners, TVs and other appliances and equipment just with voice. The connected gadgets and tech that is far better than samsung smartthings.

Homekit Limited is an IoT integrator and trusted adviser in home automation products, systems, and technologies. 

Wireless Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection System 

Introducing Affordable, Expandable, Wireless, Battery operated Smart Fire Detection and 24/7 Alarm Monitoring for Homes and Offices across the Abu Dhabi by Homekit Limited. 

The hardware is composed of a Smart Control Panel and a number of Heat, Smoke and Combined Smoke & CO ( Carbon Monoxide )  Detection Devices which are wireless interconnected and battery operated. In case an alarm detected panel will activate the sounders and flashers inside the building. At the same time, an alarm is sent to the Mobile phone of the residents as well as the Monitoring & Control Center of Homekit Limited in Abu Dhabi or the nearest civil defense station.

We provide alarm monitoring using Honeywell Lyric controller and Honeywell Six Sensors or VeraSecure Home Controller and First Alert Sensors.

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Near 50% of the Electricity consumption is related to Lighting and Cooling System that can be reduced using Smart Home System.

Voice Activation Benefit.jpg


Home Automation and Voice Activation in Hospitality Sector can increase your customer satisfaction and return more customers to your Smart Hotel.

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Increase the safety and security of your Home or Office by accessing to 24/7 live cameras and motion detectors and even the status of doors and locks.

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