Augmented Reality Solutions

With Augmented Reality technology, you can showcase your products in a virtual 3D model .

Meet Menu AR

Menu AR brings your restaurant menu to life.

Menu AR augmented reality food has developed a revolutionary tool which allows you to radically change the way you present your menu and engage with your consumers.  The technology used by KabaQ allows you to visualize your menu in 3D through a process of digital rendering and photography.  Using smart device technology, you can present your menu to your consumers in 3D, enabling them to make informed food choices and ensuring their expectations are met or even exceeded. 


In the restaurant industry, your menu and your service are central motivations which attract consumers to your establishments and brand.  Attracting consumers requires a strong reputation, an enticing menu and a good level of service.  The pace of change within the restaurant industry is rapid and it can be challenging to meet the ever-evolving expectations of your consumers.