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SMART Fire & Life Safety System

Affordable, Expandable, Wireless, Battery Operated

 Smart Fire Detection and Alarm System 


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Wireless. Battery Operated, Interconnected Smart Fire Detection and Alarm System in Abu Dhabi - UAE

WHAT IS SMART FIRE & Life Safety Solution?

It is comprised of a Smart Control Panel and a number of Gas, Heat, and Combined Smoke & CO ( Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices according to the local regulation eg. UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice. It is used in residential villas, shops, temporary offices, commercial buildings and anywhere else where people are living or working in an enclosed area.

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In case an alarm detected by the wireless fire and gas devices, the smart control panel will activate the sounders and flashers in side the building. At the same time, An alarm will be sent to the Mobile phone of the residents as well as the Monitoring & Control Center of Homekit Limited in Abu Dhabi or the nearest civil defense station



The conventional fire detection and alarm systems are complicated and expensive because of wiring between devices. The majority of the residential villas are not equipped with the fire detection system.


There are a few wireless systems in the market does not fully comply with the local requirements for Fire and Life Safety Standards, where as we provide a solution that meets the requirements.  


In addition to the life and safety, The controller can be used for Security, CCTV, and Automation of Lighting, HVAC, etc that improve the quality of people's life and reduce the energy consumption.  


The control panel is able to communication with sensors using Z-Wave Protocol, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi.  The controller has it is own back-up SIM Card slut and transmit Alarms in case the Ethernet connection is temporary disconnected. It also has internal battery back-up that can feed the controller several hours during power failure. The controllers work even without internet connection, but only enable remote access with iOS & Android apps where Internet connection is available. Each control panel can monitor and control over 200 devices including Fire Detection and Alarm Devices.

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The Lyric Controller LCP500 is the most advanced security system ever made by Honeywell. Compatible with all SiX, 5800 and Lyric Series parts, this unit is Alarm Grid's most popular option for home security. Get yours today and experience the most advanced security system that has ever been sold.

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Add the products to the online basket according to the size of your building and Check out from our online shop. 

We will contact you to schedule the delivery and installation of your new smart Fire and Life Safety system. 

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