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There's No Future That Doesn't Have Ambient Computing or Voice Activation 

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We offer it now Simple, Affordable, and Expandable in Abu Dhabi. 

Find out the Home Automation solutions from Homekit Limited -  Abu Dhabi  UAE


Vera & Alexa

Homekit Limited offers VeraEdge Hub that bring you the best of Amazon Alexa devices so you can control your wireless smart home with your voice. Ask Alexa to control your appliances, smart lighting, on/off switches automation, locks, nest thermostats, dimmer switches automation, security system, Philips hue, smart plugs, smart thermostats, and scenes configured in your home automation system.

VeraEdge works with the Amazon Echo Show, Echo, and Echo Dot to convert your appliance to voice-enabled device and it offers full integration with Nest learning Thermostat.



Vera & VistaCam for Office Security

VeraEdge & VistaCam Security System.jpg

VeraEdge and Wireless VistaCam cameras bring you Real-time Control, Video Surveillance, Motion Detection from your connected smart Mobile Phone or Tablet.

VistaCam 900 security cameras deliver the best Wireless full HD video, even in total darkness. Wide field of view keeps an eye on your living room, pets, small business, or any other indoor location. Wireless cameras with in-built motion detection that connects to VeraControl hubs for automated recording, and powerful IR night illumination. View anywhere on phone, tablet or browser.

Keep your kids and elderly family members safe at home, and keep an eye on your pets with this security camera system. Know when your child gets home safely. Check in on elderly relatives. Know that your pets are safe when you’re away

VeraEdge and VistaCam for Home Monitorin
VeraEdge and VistaCam for Office Securit

Wireless Office security and safety that helps you travel with the confidence. Keep an eye on your home, office and stores anytime from anywhere. Has video recorded wireless with cameras whenever motion is detected.


Vera & FirstAlert Automated Wireless Fire Alarm System

VeraEdge and FirstAlert bring to you a Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection that is connected to your Mobile Phone or Tablet.

The FirstAlert Smoke Detector is among the best UL listed Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector and Alarm that is Battery Operated and wirelessly connect to VeraEdge Controller. This optical sensor detects smoke at an early stage of the fire, often before flames appear and the temperature starts to rise significantly in wireless control.

Vera & Firs Alert Smart Fire Alarm.jpg
VeraEdge & VistCam for Fire

Wireless smart battery-operated FirstAlert Z-Combo Smoke and CO Detectors easily connects to Wireless VeraPlus home Automation controller and notify the user with SMS, Mobile App automated push notification, and Email. VeraPlus controllers can be configured to notify multiple users.

Be the first one to notice and potential fire is detected in your construction site, office or home. The VeraPlus can be connected to the existing Fire Detection System and send automated alarms to your smart mobile phone.

VeraEdge for Fire Detection.jpg
Smart Home Mobile App.jpg

Ask us, the best solution for Integration of home appliances, Philips Hue and Nest Learning Thermostat with Alexa in Abu Dhabi UAE.

The leader and knowledge-base of Smart Home Automation systems, HomeKit ᴬᴱ Limited offers the best yet cost-effective Z-Wave, ZigBee, LoRa and Wi-Fi wireless Smart Home, Office Automation, Smart Hotel, Hospital Automation in Abu Dhabi UAE.


The cutting-edge wireless technology that drives our smart house products, security system, and office automation or lighting control solutions is available now for trial only in Abu Dhabi - UAE. You may book any one of the following trial smart home starter kits and learn how it can improve house safety, security and comfort.

Home Automation Starter Kits.jpg

Homekit Limited is the only Authorized Dealer of Vera Control Ltd. in Abu Dhabi, UAE offering technical support for the following products:

Vera Products for Smart Home Automation
Smart_Home App_for _Apple_Watch.jpg

Get Notifications of House and Office Control System on your Apple Watch

VeraMobile App for App Store & Google Play  


Vera & Alexa for Hospitals Automation

Our Smart Controllers are the best possible devices in Abu Dhabi and UAE for full wireless integration with Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices to control Patient Room lighting automation, Locks, Thermostats, AC, TV, and other appliances and equipment just with voice. All devices can be automated using VeraControl Hubs and Qubino devices.

Homekit Limited offer the best integration solution for the existing system for activation with voice.

Hospital Automation in Abu Dhabi.jpg

Vera & Alexa for Smart Hotels

Alexa Skill for Smart Hotel.jpg

VeraEdge Wireless Hub and VeraPlus can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices to control automated Guest Room lighting, AC, TV, thermostats, door locks, and other appliances just with voice.

Homekit Limited is based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi in UAE.  

Smart City Background.jpg


Z-Wave Technology
Qubino Smart Home

Qubino Smart Villa Products are the best that enable you to transform inexpensively and invisibly any traditional electric device into a wireless, smart, connected one which you can control with your smart phone. The Smallest Wireless Home Automation Devices or Domotics.

Homekit Limited is Authorized Dealer of Qubino in Abu Dhabi UAE.

Apple HomeKit

With Apple HomeKit App easily and securely control all your HomeKit accessories. HomeKit turns off the lights from your iPhone. See who’s at the front door on your iPad with HomeKit Home Automation App. And even control things remotely with the help of Apple TV using HomeKit.

Smart Home Products with Wireless Z-wave work together, just one app to control your house from anywhere and automation. The best and latest Home Automation Solutions.

Homekit Limited is an affiliate member of Z-Wave Alliance in the UAE.

Vera Control Ltd.

Vera Smart Building Products, the Best and Simplest Way to Control Your House Wireless. Anytime. Anywhere. No Monthly Fees. No Contracts. No Hassles. Integration with Nest Learning, Philips Hue, and doorbells, Made Wireless and Easy! Homekit Limited is Authorized Dealer of Ezlo in Abu Dhabi UAE.

HomeSeer Home Automation

HomeSeer Villa Domotic software products and automation controllers provide the speed, reliability, and security of locally managed wireless automation or domotics coupled with the power and convenience of cloud-connected services. 

Homekit Limited is Authorized Dealer of Homeseer in Abu Dhabi UAE.

Amazon Echo & Alexa Home Automation

We offer the best solution to integrate Amazon Alexa devices and products into your smart home, enabling you to control the house, automation our domotics with your voice.

Just Ask, Alexa Turn on TV.

Home Automation made voice-enabled, wireless and intelligent. 

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