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Be the First to notice a Fire in your Construction Site.

Vera Smart Controller will send a real-time Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detection Alarm to you Mobile Phone and Email address within a few seconds.

You will need an internet connection and following products.

VeraEdge Smart Controller (EU Frequency Version)

VeraEdge Home Controller Hardware CPU: 600MHz MIPS SoC Flash Memory: NAND 128MB Memory: DDR2 128MB USB Port: 1 WAN Port: 1 Wireless: Z-Wave Plus™ and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Dimensions 4.55in x 3.13in x 1.2in (HxWxD) Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS, Z-Wave Plus Power Supply Input: AC 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz Output: DC 12V/1A

First Alert Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector ( Z-Wave )

Reliable electrochemical CO and photoelectric Smoke Sensors. Meets UL standards and Certified for use with Z-Wave systems. Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide protection that alerts you whether you are. Photoelectric smoke sensor helps reduce false alarms such as cooking or steam.

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