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Join us in this year’s competition for QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge.

A global competition seeking entrepreneurs whose ventures utilize smart city solutions to address risk, equity and sustainability in our urban environments.

Facilitates sustainable growth, resiliency, and quality of life improvements for cities around the world by addressing the critical needs of smart city startups.

QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge is powered by LeadingCities.


To be eligible to enter the AcceliCITY competition you must fulfill the eligibility criteria set out in these Rules and any such specifications determined by the application track you choose.

Generally, every Leading Cities Participant or Participant Team must be at the prototype, minimum viable product, or near-prototype stage of development, and each entering team may pay an application fee. The application fee is intended to prevent entry by teams that are not committed to launching their business or fully participating in the AcceliCITY program. The application fee may be waived if such fees are sponsored by a third party.

Each Leading Cities Participant is only allowed to submit 1 application per Leading Cities competition cycle. Past and current Leading Cities mentors and judges are eligible to participate in a competition. However, they will not be able to participate in Judging and Mentoring activities during any Leading Cities competition cycle in which they are already participating as a participant in the competition.

Methods of Entry:

To enter the AcceliCITY competition, an application must first be submitted by an authorized member of an eligible startup using the AcceliCITY website and online application form. Selected applicants may be invited to a short phone/skype interview. There is no special treatment for any applicants, every participant must complete an application and be unbiasedly evaluated by the judges. The application process is rolling, meaning that applications may be evaluated as they are submitted until all spots are filled—this method of selection encourages early submission of applications and may provide inherent advantages to those early applicants. Though a final deadline is set in advance, all available slots may be filled before that deadline is reached and all applications received after the final slot is filled will not be eligible for consideration at that time.


Finalists of AcceliCITY receive free resources including mentorship, work space, strategic advice, and networking opportunities to further their businesses. Leading Cities, when sponsorship funding is available, may also awards travel grants to one or more Finalists, who have applied and competed for these grants. These awards will first be used towards the airfare cost of attending the AcceliCITY Smart City Boot Camp in Boston.

The General Track Winner (AcceliCITY Champion) agrees to offer one free pilot of their winning solution, if invited to be the prize for AcceliGOV. This free pilot’s scale and scope will be negotiated between Leading Cities and the Winner. Not all AcceliCITY Champions will be selected as an AcceliGOV prize. AcceliGOV is a global competition of cities interested in competing for a solution that is being offered. The AcceliCITY Winner would have authority in the selection process of the AcceliGOV Champion. This program provides the solution provider with an opportunity to implement their solution in a selected city. 

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