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Next is Voice Shopping

Voice shopping is exactly what it sounds like: using your voice to make purchases.

Just as users have become accustomed to using these devices for carrying out simple search requests or for operating devices around the home, they are also using them to make purchases ranging from pizza to paper and from movie tickets to big-ticket items.

How Does Voice Shopping Work?

Voice shopping works in two stages. The first stage requires the user to enter their purchasing information, including their name, address, telephone number, and credit or debit card numbers. The system will hold this information for each purpose. For those users who already have their information recorded with previous orders through Amazon or Google, the user can log into their account and enable voice purchases by following the directions for that system.

The second stage involves placing the order. The user asks the system to order an item, and the system informs the user of the item's brand name and price. If the user has ordered a specific item previously, the system will ask if the user wants to re-order the same item. The user will either confirm the order or change it and add the item to the user's shopping cart. The system will ask if the user is ready to complete the order. When it receives the confirmation, the system will place the order.

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