Meet iVA

Updated: Oct 16

This innovation is a revolution in Marketing, Hospitality, and Facility Management. It is called Interactive Virtual Assistant. It is a live online avatar that offers your customers the opportunity to interact with your business.

Using a PC or Phone, they can ask questions about your products or service. In a fraction of seconds, your Virtual Assistant will answer the questions or fulfill their order.

Think about what value can our product give to the companies in the UAE, if they could have a virtual sales representative available 27/4 online and on the ground.

Using FireFox or Internet Explorer , You can visit below link to interact with our virtual sales assistant.


Nr. 33, 1st Floor, Incubator Building,

Masdar Free Zone, Masdar City,

Abu Dhabi, UAE

2nd Floor, College House,

King Edward Road, Ruislip,

London, UK