Q&A: Digital Voice Assistant for Hotels

Updated: Feb 19

1. How can you describe the current role of digital voice devices in hotel services?

There are several thousand of hotels in the UAE, among them I have never seen a digital voice device in the hotels. So far, we have received a few inquiries for implementation of digital voice assistant system for guest rooms, but after technical meeting and discussions regarding the cost we did not hear back from them.

2. Which service tasks in hotels, in your opinion, can be automated with voice devices?

At this time, we have the knowledge of implementing voice control for the following devices in the guest rooms:

Digital voice assistant for entertainment, productivity, and news


Air conditioner



Telephone for Hand-free calling including calling Reception, House Keeping, etc.

In my opinion, the guest management system which is currently handled by the hotel staffs can also be automated using voice enabled devices. An interactive voice assistant can be used for checking, check out, ordering meals, and other hotel routines.

In future, the artificial intelligent processing of voice will be able to notify the hotels staff about an emergency situation such as fire, fall, and hearth attack in the guest rooms.

3. What are the differences in integrations of in-room voice devices in various types or

sizes of hotels?

The integration of in-room voice devises can be done in two levels.

The simplest type can include the digital voice assistant for entertainment, productivity, and

news, as well as hand-free calling including calling reception, housekeeping, etc.

The advanced type can include the above services and control of Lights, Air conditioner, TV and Curtain, etc.

There are no differences in integrations of a simple in-room voice devices in various types or

sizes of hotels, while integration of advanced voice assistance service for control of lights, air

conditioner, TV and curtain, etc. may slightly differ from a hotel to another.

This is due to the variety of technologies that used for the lighting systems, cooling and heating systems, and hospitality TVs.

4. Please name and describe the advantages and disadvantages for the adoption of voice

assistant and voice-activated devices for a hotel.