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Smart Hospital in Abu Dhabi

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

There's no future that doesn't have Ambient Computing or Voice Activation. Homekit offer it now simple, affordable and expandable.

Homekit Limited offers smart patient room for hospitals to control lights, AC, TV and make hands-free call to the nurse station.

Among the best integrator companies in the UAE, Homekit Limited provides the best smart automation solution in Abu Dhabi and UAE. The solutions that supports full wireless cloud-base integration with Google Home, Siri, Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices that allows users take control of electrical devices in Hotel Guest Rooms and Hospital Patient Rooms using voice activation of Curtains, Blinds, Lights, Door Locks, Thermostats, Air Conditioners, TVs and other appliances and equipment just with voice. The connected gadgets and tech that is far better than samsung smartthings.

The Scope of Automation Work:

  • Amazon Echo Show latest version

  • Controllers for Lights in patient room

  • Curtain track, motor to control the curtains

  • Control the hospitality TV.

The Smart Controllers from Vera Control are the best possible devices in Abu Dhabi and UAE for full wireless integration with Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices to control Patient Room lighting automation, Locks, Thermostats, AC, TV, and other appliances and equipment just with voice. All devices can be automated using VeraControl Hubs and Qubino devices.

The following voice commands for existing TVs will be provided:





The VeraEdge Wireless Hub and VeraPlus can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices to control automated Guest Room lighting, AC, TV, thermostats, door locks, and other appliances just with voice.

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