Upgrade to Hands-free Hospitality

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Homekit Limited has prepared this content to demonstrate the features and content which have been used for the design and programming of the Alexa Skill in the Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi in order to obtain a preliminary approval of the overall structure of the skill.


This document has been prepared to outline the design and details of Voice User Interface of an Alexa Skill described here. The intention is to Build the Alexa skill that answer frequently asked questions related to specialized rehabilitation hospital including but not limited to the following: • What is Wi-Fi password • What is the visiting hours • What is the address • What is the main phone number • Play Holly Quran • Play music • Call the housekeeping • And other similar • Play Abu Dhabi radio stations • What is the discharge process The design and programming has been carried out by Homekit Limited as described in the following sections


In this section, the voice user interface for the Alexa skill has been described.


Designing an effective voice user interface for the skill is a critical first step that should be done before writing any code. This is the primary way users will interact with the skill. This include a list of diagram that show the requests users will make and the possible outcomes of those requests. The diagram include a flow for the screens and their visual and touch elements since the skill should specifically support screen interaction and the diagram should identify the user requests that your skill will handle.


The design has been done by the qualified personnel and it is in line with the latest available programming features which is called APL (Alexa Presentation Language). As the result, the Skill can be used in all Alexa devices with or without screen.

Invocation Name

Users say a skill's invocation name to begin an interaction with a particular custom skill. For example, if the invocation name is "daily horoscopes", users can say: Alexa, ask daily horoscopes for the horoscope for Gemini Invocation name requirements: The invocation name should be two or more words, and can contain only lower-case alphabetic characters, spaces between words, possessive apostrophes (for example, "sam's science trivia"), or periods used in abbreviations (for example, "a. b. c."). Other characters like numbers must be spelled out. For example, "twenty one". Invocation names cannot contain any of the Alexa skill launch phrases such as "launch", "ask", "tell", "open", "load", "begin", and "enable". Wake words including "Alexa", "Amazon", "Echo", "Computer", or the words "skill" or "app" are not allowed. Learn more about invocation names for custom skills. The following Skill Invocations shall be designed: • SRH

Interaction Model:

The interaction model refers to the collection of intents, sample utterances, and the dialog model that will be used by the user to interact with the skill. The following intents will be recognized by the SRH Alexa Skill:

List of Intents & Responses

Then, Alexa will wait for the users’ request. The requests that skill can handle are represented as intents. Sample utterances map the intents to the words and phrases users can say to interact with the skill. A dialog model identifies information your skill requires and the prompts Alexa can use to collect and confirm that information in a conversation with the user.

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