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Broadlink RM Pro+ WiFi Smart Home Hub

Control Omnia Go from your phone and set time schedules With the Broadlink RM Pro + you can control the Omnia Go motor from your phone, set time schedules, create scenes and more.


  • Wifi-connected controller for IR and 433 Mhz devices that provide remote control to a large number of devices.
  • With the help of the included app (iOS and Android) it is possible to control the devices from the mobile or tablet, and allow the creation of scenes and scheduling.
  • Supports over 5000 devices controlled by IR such as televisions and receivers, air conditioners, sound systems and motorized blinds, and more.
  • Controls remote switches and receives data from wireless transmitters and sensors, eg. thermometers and motion sensors that communicate over 433 MHz. For example close the blinds, dim the lighting and start the TV at a certain time
  • Connected to the local network via wifi (only 2.4 GHz).
  • Supports IR and 433 MHz.
  • Comes with Micro-USB cable and power adapter for power supply.
  • Dimensions: 109x36x114 mm.



Broadlink RM Pro+ WiFi Smart Home Hub

SKU: BL-10002