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The First generation of Amazon Echo Show has many of the features of your favorite personal assistant along with something else; a display screen. Instead of just talking with your Alexa, your Echo can provide even more detailed information via the convenient screen powered by a high-performance Intel processor. Search for videos or photos, look up the weather, or talk to your mom face-to-face with the video calling feature. When you have other compatible devices connected to Wi-Fi in your home, you can sync them all together to create a smarter experience. In the mood for some music? Let your Echo know what to play and you'll enjoy superior sound with the built-in Dolby speakers as well as a wide song selection from apps like Pandora and Spotify. If your devices are all connected, your music will play from every device you choose, creating an immersive experience throughout your home. Hook up an Amazon camera to your Echo Show and transform the screen into your own personal security camera or baby monitor, or connect the Echo to your Nest thermostat to control your home's temperature with voice commands. Also have a Fire TV device? Connect these together to use the Echo Show to control your television, browse movies or TV shows, or look at photos. If you're not right next to the Show, you don't have to yell to get its attention; this sensitive device includes eight microphones and uses beamforming technology to ensure your spoken commands are heard from across the room, even if music is playing at the same time. Want to sing along to your songs but you don't know the words? Ask the Echo Show and they'll come up on the screen. Download the compatible Alexa App on your phone to begin using your Echo to make calls or send texts, and since the system is always updating, there is always something new to do with your Echo.

Echo Show 1st Generation

SKU: AM-10023