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Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Siren

The SiXSIREN is a unique siren by alarm system standards. Sitting out of sight on the ceiling, the battery powered, 85dB sounder will make sure that you can hear alarms no matter where you are.



The Honeywell SIXSIREN is a wireless siren designed for the Lyric controller. This is Honeywell's first wireless siren that offers chiming capabilities, LED confirmation and it is fully powered by battery only. That's right, more technology and the flexibility to move it around the premise at your convenience! This device communicates back to the alarm panel using the revolutionary SIX technology. This is a new wireless protocol that uses a 2.4GHz frequency (same as WIFI) and strives to offer more reliable connectivity, longer range, and battery and RF signal level readings on the panel and remotely Alarmnet! The siren can produce sounds of up to 85 dB, which is the same as the Lyric's internal sounder.



The housing is a circular shape (3.78 inches in diameter and 1.14 inches thick) and looks just like a standard smoke detector. It can be wall/ceiling mounted or it can be just left loose. This is a great device for bringing around to peripheral points of the secured premise such as a shop, basement or even out by the pool. That way if even enters the home, even when the system is disarmed, you will be notified! Another common use, can be monitoring door/window openings from your teenager sneaking out at night or your curious toddler opening the slider to the back yard.









Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Siren

SKU: HW-10004