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Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

The SiXSMOKE is compatible with the Lyric Controller. Secured with military grade encryption and Honeywell's amazing brand and technology, this is the perfect sensor for your new Lyric.


The Honeywell SiXSMOKE is a wireless, photoelectric smoke detector with integrated fixed and rate-of-rise heat detector. The heat detector is activated by either a temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, or a rise in temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit or more within one minute. The SiXSMOKE communicates to the Lyric Controller by way of Honeywell's new SiX Series encrypted wireless protocol, which uses AES 128 bit encryption for secure wireless communication.


The SiXSMOKE has a dual color LED and built in 85 dB sounder which convey status information. Upon initial power up, the LED lights green and does a slow flash for approximately 20 seconds, then it lights solid for 3 seconds and the sounder chirps (it exhibits this same behavior during enrollment into the Lyric Controller). During normal operation, the green LED will flash once every 10 seconds, or so. If the smoke is processing controller queries*, the LED alternates Green and Red flash, once every 10 seconds. The LED lights Red once every 5 seconds if the smoke needs maintenance, once every second along with the 85dB sounder in Temporal 3 (beep, beep, beep, pause, beep, beep, beep, pause) during a test alarm or a Smoke Alarm, once every 4 seconds along with the 85dB sounder in Temporal 3 for a Heat Alarm. The Red LED will light once every 45 seconds for a low battery condition. After 7 days, the sounder will also begin to chirp, and will continue until the batteries are replaced, or go dead. The SiXSMOKE requires 2 3V Lithium batteries. Replace with Duracell DL123 or DL123A, Honeywell 466, or Panasonic CR123A. A new feature of the Lyric Controller combined with the SiXSMOKE is "One-Go-All-Go" mode. With this mode enabled, if one SiXSMOKE detects smoke or heat and begins to sound, all SiXSMOKES in the system will also sound Temporal 3.


The SiXSMOKE can be put into test using the test switch on the unit, or via the Lyric Controller. You can test the heat detector using a hair dryer pointed at the center of the SiXSMOKE, 12 or more inches from the unit. This will test the rate-of-rise portion of the unit. Be careful not to activate the 135 degree fixed temperature detector, as these can not be reset. To properly test the smoke, use UL/ANSI approved canned smoke, and follow the directions provided with it.


Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

SKU: HW-10003