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Insteon Hub and Camera

The Insteon Hub gives you control over a huge family of connected devices, all from your smartphone and tablet

Create customized scenes for instant recalling of your favorite lighting settings

Create schedules for individual devices or scenes. Gradually fade lights to 50% to help you wake up or have your kids' lights automatically turn off after they've left for school.

Get instant alerts from sensors for things like motion, water leaks and doors openinWorks with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control.


The Insteon Camera provides crystal clear video is only one of the benefits to HD. Colors are more vibrant, detail is more crisp - you even get 16:9 widescreen video.


It's impossible to keep an eye on your entire home if your camera is fixed looking at just one spot. Insteon HD Cameras can pan and tilt a full 300º and 120º, respectively, meaning that you'll be able to handle surveillance of large rooms with ease. And with pan and tilt support from your mobile device, you don't even need to be in the same country to perform you nightly security sweep.

Insteon Hub & Camera

SKU: IN-10003
  • HD WiFi Camera

    HD High-Definition

    1280 x 720

    70º FOV

    300º Pan

    120º Tilt




    Automatic Remote Access

    iOS & Android Only