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Z-Wave EU Motorized Electric Curtain

This bundle includes Amazon Echo Dot (Amazon Alexa), VeraEdge & a Motorized Electric Curtain:


The Forest Shuttle L motorized curtain system can be directly integrated to all VeraEdge, VeraPlus, and VeraSecure Z-wave EU Smart home Controllers ( for Dubai  and Abu Dhabi in UAE )  to open and close the curtain using your Smart Phone or Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service.


This curtain motor has an integrated power adaptor and only needs a mains cable. Furthermore, the RF multi-receiver is integrated into the motor itself, allowing for an even cleaner look of the system. In addition to this, the motor speed can be increased by up to 20%, allowing for speeds of up to 18 cm per second. Finally, the motor is able to carry curtain weights of up to 40 kg.

Amazon Alexa, VeraEdge & Motorized Electric Curtain

SKU: FG-10002
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