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Wireless Z-wave Smoke Detector

This starter kit includes 1 set of VeraEdge Smart Home Controller and 1 set of First Alert Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector.


The kit allows you to detect the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide generated at Home, Office and Shops. 


First Alert Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector is a reliable electrochemical CO and photoelectric Smoke Sensors. Meets UL standards and Certified for use with Z-Wave systems. Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide protection that alerts you whether you are. Photoelectric smoke sensor helps reduce false alarms such as cooking or steam.

VeraEdge & FirstAlert

SKU: SR-10001A
  • VeraEdge:

    The Controller for Today’s Expanding Smart Home Universe One-touch control of your entire system View all your cameras and control all your devices from one easy app See and control your system from any smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world (where there’s Internet) Save money on energy, automatically! Expand your system to control over 220 devices Wireless communications makes installation a breeze in any home or small business Easy, intuitive setup with simple Q&A format; adding devices later is easy too with preconfigured settings for most devices No monthly fees required! With VeraEdge you can do anything today’s most advanced smart homes can do. 


    First Alert Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector:


    This z-wave smoke/co alarm is specifically designed for residential and institutional applications. Installation settings include sleeping areas within hospitals, hotels, motels, dormitories and other multi-family dwellings that are defined in standard NFPA 101.


    The First Alert ZCOMBO-G Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector has been fully tested and complies with UL217, UL2034, CSFM, NFPA 720, NFPA 101 and other agencies that model their codes after the above agencies. The combination alarm meets building codes that require the use of a battery operated z-wave wireless smoke and co detector. This First Alert Z-Wave Combination Alarm includes silence features and meets the model building codes published by the ICC.