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Z-Wave Sounder

The Linear WA105DBZ-1 is a wireless siren and strobe device that speaks Z-Wave. This is an RF technology that requires a special chip for devices to communicate with a Z-Wave controller or hub. Most alarm systems require proprietary wireless sirens such as the 5800WAVE for Honeywell systems.


The WA105DBZ-1 requires wall power through the use of a 12VDC, 1A transformer included with the purchase. There is also an included 6VDC NiMH, 150 mAH backup battery. This offers 5 day operation without any alarms. When the sounder is triggered by the alarm panel or automation controller it outputs a 105dB siren tone. There is also a white LED strobe with a red plastic cover.


Just any Z-wave node, the siren will require inclusion into your Z-Wave ready automation controller. First, place your system into "inclusion mode" and press the tamper switch for 1 second. The device should be within 3 feet of the controller unless your controller supports "network wide inclusion" (NWI). The LED should begin blinking during inclusion. Give it 3 minutes before testing. If you have any issues try to exclude and then include again.


The operating temperature for this product is 5 degrees F ~ 140 degrees F. The enclosure is not weatherproof so it should be installed indoors. The wide temp range allows for garage, basement, attic and shed installations!

Z-Wave Sounder

SKU: GC-10001
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