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Zenith Smart Door and Window Sensor

Zenith Smart Door and Window Sensor




Once door opens quickly get notification on your smart phone.
Can be Link with other security devices.
Can be used as a trigger device to turn on lights, music and so on.
Alarm in wireless way, strong anti-interference ability.

Zenith Smart Door and Window Sensor

SKU: ZS-10027
  • Power Parameter: DC 3V
    Standby Current: 4μA
    Door Opening/Closing Current: 1.2μA at Opening, 4μA at Closing
    Alarm Distance: 20mm
    Battery Type: CR2 battery*1
    Installation Method: Fixed by Screws
    Material & Color: PC, White
    Working Temperature/Humidity: -10oC~+45oC/≤95%RH (noncondensing

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