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Zenith Smart Multi-Function Sensor

Zenith Smart Multi-Function Sensor




Support group linkage and defense with security devices.
Detect light intensity, movement of object & temperature change.
If detect quick notification sent to phone at the same time.
Low power consumption, energy saving.


Zenith Smart Multi-Function Sensor

SKU: ZS-10028
  • Power Parameter: DC 3V
    Standby Current: 53μA
    Detection Sensitivity: One-shot
    Detection Angle: Circumference with a Radius of 3m when the Height is 2.4m
    Working Temperature/Humidity: -10oC~+45oC/≤95%RH (noncondensing)
    Installation Method:Base-fixed
    Material & Color: PC, White
    Installation Height Range: 2.3~6m