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Video Analytics Solutions 

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We offer Simple, Affordable, and Expandable VIDEO ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS in Abu Dhabi. 

Homekit offer Video Analytics solutions in  Abu Dhabi  UAE

Video Management and Analytics

Face Recognition

Ensure the high level of security for your staff and infrastructure, improving the level of service rendered to your VIP customers.

Identify people who represent a threat to security even in a dense stream of people


Quickly learn about a visit of VIP clients (faces from a “white” list) or, for example, an appearance of a shoplifter (faces from a “black” list) in the sales or service point


Take the necessary actions in time depending on a registered event 

Face Recognition Software

People Counting

Vision Based Solutions for parking, tolling, security and safe city. Security Enforcement. CMV Enforcement. Parking. Categories: Imaging Units, Lane Controllers, See Control Management, Cloud Based LPR

Heat Map

improve the efficiency of use of your sales premises and increase profit.

  • sales premises layout efficiency

  • merchandise appeal

  • showcase decoration quality

  • popularity of the goods

Heat Map Video Analytics

People Tracking

People Tracking Video Analytics

You do not need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day. Thanks to the Tracking module, you can dispatch security forces to neutralize the intruder and thus:

  • safeguard your property 

  • prevent a possible terrorist attack

  • ensure the safety of your staff

In addition, you can save server capacity by configuring the video recording to start only when a control event occurs.

Video Analytics Solution for Hospital

Video surveillance cameras, which used to be only part of the hospital CCTV system, are becoming communication and data capturing devices on the network. This can enhance patient satisfaction, patient care and, above all, enable automatic, efficient and safe processes.

Smoke & Fire Detection

Smoke and Fire Detection

You do not need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day. Thanks to the Smoke and Fire Detection module, you can:

  • promptly respond to fire and smoke and stop the breaking out or spreading of a fire

  • promptly inform people in the danger zone for their quick evacuation

  • find precise locations and causes of fire or smoke

Thus, you will be able to ensure survival and preservation of health of the personnel and customers, as well as to minimize damage to the property.

Smoke and Fire Video Analytics

Hard Hat Detection

Hard Hat Detection Video Analytics

You do not need to look at monitors of video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the Hard Hats Detection module you can:

  • minimize the cases of violation of safety regulations by the employees

  • prevent injuries in the workplace

  • avoid penalties from regulatory authorities

  • investigate the circumstances of cases of safety regulations violation

Suspect Search

Be the first one to notice and potential fire is detected in your construction site, office or home. The VeraPlus can be connected to the existing Fire Detection System and send automated alarms to your smart mobile phone.

Suspect Search Video Analytics
VMS 1920x1000.jpg


Visitor Counting

Optimize your expenses and raise the efficiency of your personnel and your marketing activities:

Adjust the hours of operation of your company or establishment.

Adjust the work schedule of your employees.

Evaluate the efficiency of marketing activity.

Evaluate the efficiency of your personnel when working with visitors. 

People Counting.jpg

Video Management System

Video Management Software and Analytics for IP-Cameras. Unlimited scaling to any number of ... Lifetime VMS for 5 cameras 19 intelligent modules

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Eocortex IP Camera Software is being used to ensure safety and increase process efficiency in more than 20 industries. Face recognition in Eocortex Ultra, Lifetime licence, Powerful video analytics, Free updates and technical support, User-friendly interface, Floating licensing. 


Delivering innovative end-to-end solutions to help you sustain a competitive advantage. Data,Digital,DevOps, Cloud, Managed Services,Cybersecurity.

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